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Adobe Reveals Next-Generation of Creative Cloud: Empowering Creativity in Photoshop with Generative

On May 23rd, 2023, Adobe publicly announced the introduction of Generative Fill in Photoshop, integrating the power of Adobe Firefly generative AI into design workflows. With Generative Fill, users can now seamlessly add, extend, or remove content from images using simple text prompts, revolutionizing creative and design processes. This beta release of Photoshop marks Adobe's first step in deeply incorporating Firefly into their Creative Cloud suite, with plans to transform workflows across Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express.

Adobe has a rich history of AI innovation, exemplified by their introduction of numerous intelligent features through Adobe Sensei that millions of users depend on. Features like Neural Filters in Photoshop, Content Aware Fill in After Effects, and Customer AI in Adobe Experience Platform have empowered Adobe customers to create, edit, optimize, and review vast amounts of content. Now, with the introduction of Firefly, Adobe's family of creative generative AI models, workflows where content is created or modified will benefit from enhanced precision, power, speed, and ease. Firefly initially focused on image and text effect generation and has gained significant popularity since its launch, with beta users generating over 100 million assets. The scope of Firefly has expanded to support vector recoloring and generative fill, making it a versatile tool for creators. Importantly, Firefly ensures the generation of commercially viable, professional-quality content and is seamlessly embedded into creators' workflows. The initial model of Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and other public domain materials to ensure compliance with copyright restrictions. Enterprises will have the ability to incorporate their own creative assets into Firefly, enabling the generation of content that aligns with their brand language and imagery. Additionally, the integration of Firefly with Adobe Experience Cloud applications will empower marketing organizations to accelerate their content supply chain production.

Ashley Still, the Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Adobe, stated that by integrating Firefly as a creative co-pilot directly into workflows, Adobe is accelerating the ideation, exploration, and production processes for all customers. Generative Fill, a core feature enabled by Firefly, revolutionizes creativity and design by automatically matching perspective, lighting, and style of images. This results in impressive outcomes while minimizing tedious tasks. Generative Fill expands creative expression, boosts productivity, and enhances the confidence of creators by generating digital content in response to natural language prompts. Non-destructive editing allows users to create newly generated content in generative layers, facilitating rapid iteration and easy reversal of effects without impacting the original image. This transformative capability enables creators to experiment with unconventional ideas, explore different concepts, and generate a myriad of high-quality content variations at the speed of their imagination. Generative Fill is also accessible as a web tool, available as a new module in the Firefly beta for users interested in testing the capabilities online.

As a responsible partner to individuals and businesses, Adobe ensures that all AI capabilities are developed and deployed with a customer-centric approach, adhering to their AI Ethics principles and promoting content and data transparency. Generative Fill supports Content Credentials, providing crucial information about the origin and editing of digital content, whether it was created by a human, AI-generated, or AI-edited. Similar to nutrition labels, Content Credentials remain associated with the content, enabling proper attribution and assisting consumers in making informed decisions. The development of Content Credentials is part of Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative, which has garnered over 1,000 members since its inception.

In addition to the introduction of Generative Fill, Adobe has released other enhancements in Photoshop to enhance and expedite creative workflows. These include new Adjustment Presets, Contextual Task Bar, Remove Tool, and Enhanced Gradients, empowering users to make complex edits, create unique designs, and save time.

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